エミリーの夢への旅 Vol.5



또한 한국어 교재와 한국음식 만드는 책을 각각 내고 티비영화도 찍어 팀으로 활동하지 않을때는 솔로의 활동도 충실하게 하였다

我在台灣出了韓文教學書和料理書,及微電影,Dream Girls沒有發片時,還是會進行個人活動。


I‘m also working hard too. I released some Korean textbooks, Korean recipe book, and took a television-movie. 




데뷔한지 4년이 넘은 지금, 이렇게 여성자신을 통해 조심스럽게 에밀리라는 나와 드림걸즈를 일본에 소개하고자 한다

出道四年至今,透過女性自身,能讓日本的朋友們能更認識我們Dream Girls


4 years had already passed from our debut, and now, I’m trying to introduce me and Dream Girls to Japan through “Josei-Jisin”. I really appreciate to “Josei-Jisin” for giving me such a great opportunity.




좋은 기회를 주신 여성자신에 감사를 드리며 한국인으로써 그동안 대만에서 꿈을 이루며 살고있는 에밀리의 생활, 에밀리의 패션, 대만의 문화 등등을 앞으로 여러분께 널리 알려드리고싶은 마음이다



I hope I could tell a story about one Korean girl Emily, who made her dream come true in Taiwan. I will try my best to show my life, fashion, and Taiwan’s culture to everyone.





エミリー(宋米秦/Emily song)

韓国籍のモデル、女優、歌手、そして台湾のGirlsグループDreamGirls(ドリームガールズ)のリーダー。DreamGirls(ドリームガールズ)は2011年に正式にデビューした台湾人が2人、韓国人が1人の3人の女性メンバーで構成。3枚のアルバムをリリースし、バラエティ番組、ドラマや映画に出演。またクラランス、Giodarno(ファッションブランド)、ファミリーマート、などのブランドや製品、フリースタイル(オンラインゲーム)、錠剤、飲料、ジュエリーなど、韓国、台湾でCMや広告に出演し活躍。台湾、中国を始め中華圏、アジア諸国で絶大な人気を得ている。韓国ドラマで「멘탈사수 “”천하무적이평강」で初主演、台湾映画「香灰裏的愛情」で映画初主演を務めた。また韓国料理と韓国学習材の書籍を執筆して出版している。彼女は流暢に韓国語、中国語を話すことができるため台湾芸能界で成功した唯一の韓国人である。多文化に共通しているため台湾エンタテイメントの世界で韓国人スタイルの新たな流行を生み台湾の人々に影響を与え続けている。

Emily is a Korean model, actress, singer, and the leader of Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls. Dream Girls is a three member of 1 Korean and 2 Taiwanese girls debuted officially in 2011. Since then, the group has released three albums and has had several appearances in variety shows, dramas and movies.

The group gained significant popularity in countries where their native language is Chinese in addition to that they continued to be active in advertising in Korea and Taiwan, endorsing brands and products including Giodarno(Fashion brand), Family Mart(convenient store), Clarins(body skin care), Free Style(online game), Tablets, Beverages, Jewelry and more.

Emily starred in Korean drama series entitled “멘탈사수””천하무적 이평강” and recently she had her first movie ”香灰裏的愛情“ showed in Taiwan.

She also authored two books(Korean Cuisine and Korean learning material) under her name and released her third book end of last year.

What makes her unique in this market is that she is the only Korean who actively participate in celebrity activities in Taiwan who is also capable of speaking Korean, Chinese fluently. Because of this multi-cultural fit, she is known to digest many different types of styles in entertainment and she also influenced people in Taiwan with Korean celebrity style and established several channels between two markets.